RESOLVED: Issue affecting website hosting

On Wednesday, February 27th we experienced a service disruption which affected the availability of some customer’s hosted websites. 

UPDATE: 7:20 PM PT: Affected sites are now 100% up and running and all services have been fully restored. Servers are running normally.

UPDATE 5:15 PM PT: Affected sites are now up and running, though additional work is planned to further enhance server stability. Websites may respond slowly for the next few hours.

UPDATE 4:30 PM PT: The necessary restoration and repair process has been in progress throughout the afternoon and is in its final phase of completion. Once finished we will be verifying the results and will update this notice accordingly. If the process is successful, all remaining services will be restated in quick order.

We apologize for any disruption this may be causing. We are investigating and working to resolve the issue.

Thank you,

Team Webnames

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