Network Issue

11:20 AM PT

All mail queues are now clear and backlogged email has been delivered.

Any customers with lingering issues connecting to mail, need to completely restart their mail client / application in order to start a new mail session with out servers.


11:05 AM PT

We expect the backlog of queued mail to be processed and delivered by 11:25 AM PT


10:43 AM PT

We are now working through the backlog of email requests. For those customers still experiencing errors with sending/receiving email, we recommend refraining from repeated checking mail, as this action contributes to the backlog, and will result in it taking longer for the system to normalize.

No email will be lost as a result of this disruption, and will be delivered to customer inboxes as the the backlog queue of mail is processed.


10:25 AM PT

The network issue has been resolved and services are now returning to normal. Customers may experience some delay as the backlog of traffic is processed. Any customers experiencing email authentication (password) issues should close and restart/reboot their email program/app.


10:15 AM PT Friday May 22

We are experiencing a network issue affecting a number of services. The issue is currently being investigated


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