RESOLVED: Power disruption at upstream provider

Last night,’s upstream service provider experienced a major power disruption which affected many of our services. Their redundancy mechanisms, including backup generators, were deployed but due to the duration of the outage, their available fuel supply was exceeded after approximately seven hours. As a result of this outage, some of our customers experienced downtime with their websites and emails.

As of 9:00 AM PT all services were back online, with websites and email back to normal. 

Thank you to everyone who contacted us via phone or email this AM.  All websites and email should be back to normal with no disruption  – however, if you continue to experience any issues with our services, please reach out to us again, we are standing by to help.

You can reach us by email at

We sincerely apologize to those customers inconvenienced by this outage, and thank you for working with us through the disruption.



9:00 AM PT: All services have been brought back online after a power disruption at our upstream service provider. For services such as email, during the outage mail delivery would have been queued by the sender and then delivered now that services are back online. Customers may experience a delay in mail delivery, however no mail would have been lost.

8:45 AM PT: Our upstream provider has recently recovered from a major power disruption which affected many Webnames services. The power issue has been resolved and we are now bringing services back online.

7:15 AM PT: Our upstream service provider is experiencing a power disruption affecting some Webnames services. Issue is being investigated and will be resolved asap.

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